Extremely important Trini Slang You should know Before Visiting Trinidad and you may Tobago

Extremely important Trini Slang You should know Before Visiting Trinidad and you may Tobago

Grams rowing up within the Trinidad and you will Tobago, I found myself usually surrounded by folks from other ethnicities, racing, and philosophy, descendants of them just who showed up of throughout earth – Indian, Foreign-language, Uk, Chinese, African, and you will French, among others. The songs and you can life style of our country, plus our very own languages, accessories, and you can sayings, mirror the brand new steeped record who has got made Trinbago the goals now. If you intend to see, training certain Trini jargon is as very important given that acquiring the best gear on the package.

Exemplory instance of use and you will translation: “Dat woman rel bess” = “You to lady is actually sexy” / “Dat rel bess” = “That is very extremely”

Explanation: “Lime” try a keyword used in Trinidad and you can Tobago, and you may on Caribbean, once the a synonym getting “a meeting” otherwise “to hold aside.” Rather than “No Loitering” cues, you can easily often see signs you to definitely state, “Zero liming.” “Lime” can be used because check my site the each other an effective verb and a great noun.

Instance of utilize and interpretation: “Once we limin’?” = “When is actually i planning to hang out?” / “I’m with a tangerine this evening” = “I am which have a rating-along with her this evening”

Example of incorporate and you can interpretation: “Your hitting the hay owah?” = “You going to bed otherwise what?”/ “You love their owah?” = “You love her or what?”

You have been licensed!

Explanation: “DDI” is an acronym to have “Down di Isles.” It’s an expression familiar with consider islands from the northwest coast away from Trinidad. Each one of these countries enjoys home on it and you will people normally wade DDI themselves boats towards weekends and you can holidays. You don’t have to very own home otherwise vessel in order to wade DDI, although not. You could potentially book a yacht, select anyone to fit into, or befriend an area fisherman and you will anchor in a great bay or near a beach and have fun regarding water. During the vacations and you can holidays, of several young adults is obtainable DDI, watching water sports, an excellent lime, together with occasional DDI people.

Explanation: “Wine” or “wining” ‘s the name supplied to the fresh new dance out of Trinidad and you will Tobago. It’s exactly like what people in america label “milling.” But not, the fresh direction of your pelvis may be a whole lot more water. A familiar words directed at people that can also be wine well are, “Yuh fat yuh waist,” that is meant to indicate the person’s hips move thus fluidly it’s since if these people were oiled.


Explanation: “Bacchanal” try a term utilized frequently to mention in order to drama. It can also suggest having a good time within an event, just like the read on the well-accepted Carnival tune inside the Trinidad and Tobago named “Bacchanalist,” from the Kerwin Du Bois.

Waz di scene

Meaning: Literaly “what’s the world?” it is knew just like the “what’s happening?” otherwise “what’s up?” Even when similar, it has to not be mistaken for “waz their scene?” (discover less than).

Explanation: Synonymous with “Waz the scene?”, each other conditions become utilized in instances of indignation, even when “wam” could also be used when you look at the a casual styles, as the definition “what’s going on?”

Illustration of incorporate and you may translation: “Wam to you personally?” or “Waz your own world?” = ‘What is the matter with you?” / “Ey, wam?” = “Hey, what’s up?”

Meaning: Just like the name “dawg” in several other parts worldwide – essentially, a way to address a pal.

Explanation: “Hoss” stands for a friend in the sense just like the “padna” (Trinidadian term practically definition “partner” but realized as “friend”) – exactly as a horse can be your riding spouse. Over the years, the expression “hoss” has brought on the new definitions when you look at the Trinidad and you may Tobago. Rather than writing on a friend, it can be utilized in place of the term “weys.” Playing with “hoss” in this way is virtually a variety of “weys” and you will “hoss,” since audio speaker is typically wanting to draw the eye out-of a buddy.

Note: It Trini slang term is not utilized by the older age bracket, that’s maybe not read elsewhere about Caribbean.

Example of usage and translation: “Waz di world, hoss?” = “What’s up, dawg” / “HOSSSSSSS, you see one?” = “Friend, did you observe that?”

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