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He has a particular focus on securing insurance coverage for remediation efforts with his substantial knowledge of Carter-Wallace insurance allocations.

He guides clients through the remediation of industrial, commercial and residential properties.

He regularly uses his regulatory experience in advising property owners, industrial operators, & many other companies, individuals & governments of their environmental compliance responsibilities & issues.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is violence committed by someone in the victim’s domestic circle. Please see Government.nl for more information.

Personal Attacks

Personal attacks often involve someone making damaging remarks relating to somebody’s lifestyle or choices. 


In law, fraud is intentional deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain, or to deprive a victim of a legal right. Fraud can violate civil law or criminal law.


Robbery is almost always a felony, punishable by prison time, regardless of the value of the items taken. 

Drunk Driving

Any person who in his/her blood has alcohol exceeding 30 mg/100 ml. Of blood, detected in a test by a breath analyzer, is said to be driving under the influence or drunk driving. 

Drug Dealing

Drug dealing is an individual or group who sells or supply’s controlled drugs/substance of any type or quantity.

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